Using R for phylogenetics and phylogeography

R offers a great and steadily growing capacity for analysing phylogenetic data (see Taskview on

Here, I present some additional collections of functions, which provide some functionalities that I could not find elsewhere.

LAGOPUS: Bayesian relaxed clock dating with the multidivtime method

R package developed together with my collegue Natalie Cusimano. See the LAGOPUS website for more information.

PHYLOCLIM: phyloclimatic modelling in R

Download: Version 0.9-3 -- April, 07 2013 (dependencies: ape, raster)
Package source --- MacOS X binary --- Windows binary

This version contains a bug fix in age.range.correlation and adopts changes in the raster package (see ChangeLog of the package source).

PHYLOCH: interfaces and graphic tools for phylogenetic data in R

Download: Version 1.5-3 -- April 30, 2013 (dependencies: ape, colorspace, XML)
Package source --- MacOS X binary --- Windows binary
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